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10 Reasons To Upgrade To Microsoft 365 Today


With an upgrade to Microsoft 365, businesses are finally getting the changes they actually want! It’s still Office, and your staff will still know exactly how to use it, but they’ll get so much more done.

1. The Mac / Windows Drama Is Over

Microsoft 365 brings with it a stack of benefits, but perhaps the most relieving is the built-in file compatibility across all platforms. No more converting (or corrupting) files back and forth, and productivity black holes have essentially been eliminated.

2. Always Ready To Go

Microsoft is so confident in its cloud-based software and data storage that they’re giving a 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can even call a real-life human for support (like the team at Sovran). Work online, offline or mobile – the choice is yours.

3. Built-In Security

A large part of Microsoft’s uptime certainty comes from their extremely robust security protocols. Microsoft 365 offers enterprise-grade admin controls at your end, as well as government-grade security at their end.

4. Generous Data Allowances

Each user gets 1 TB of cloud space for file storage, which can be shared at the folder or file level. For some perspective, 1 TB can hold approximately 85 million pages of Word documents.

5. Work Anywhere, Anytime

Previously, staff needed to establish a VPN or manage security concerns to do their tasks while offsite, which made working difficult and cumbersome. Microsoft 365 has solved that problem, and working from anywhere is now easy!

6. Integrated Organization

Calendar, email, and contacts are all synced and updated across multiple devices: laptop, desktop, and mobile.

7. Huge Mailbox Storage

Forget the days of ‘user mailbox is full’ – each user is given a whopping 50 or 100 GB in a gorgeous, easy-to-use mailbox.

8. Built-In Malware & Spam Protection

Data security doesn’t stop at file storage: each email is scanned for malware and spam, protecting your organization from all manner of attacks before they happen.

9. Collaboration Tools & Virtual Meeting

Cancel your third-party services and bring all your collaborations into one platform – meeting schedule, calendar, malware protection, video conferences, planning, and more.

10. Integrated Team Planning

Schedule tasks, meetings and track allocations from a top-down level to know exactly how projects are progressing.

Upgrade To Microsoft 365 Today

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