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Businesses: Replace Copper POTS Communications Lines Now

A shift in telephony years in the making is nearly here: Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) are shutting down in August.

Copper telephone lines, which mostly serve businesses fax machines, fire alarms, security alarms, emergency phone systems, and other legacy systems, will need to be updated or replaced by August 2, 2022, according to FCC Order 10-72A1.

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FCC Order 10-72A1

In 2019, the FCC issued Order 19-72A1 that removes protections that allowed services like POTS to continue being used. This order removed those protections after a three-year period, which expires on August 2, 2022.

With less than five months until copper wires must be completely phased out, small businesses, rural businesses, those who use fax machines, copper-based fire and security alarms, and more need to be prepared to plan and act accordingly. If they don’t, they may run into major problems at the end of this summer.

POTS Replacement Solutions

The team at Sovran, led by President Traci Leffner and vCIO Shonn Twight, is ready to help you avoid problems with the switch from copper. Our excellent engineers are ready to help your business maintain lines of communication and safety.

We know it’s painful to change equipment, but fiber and coaxial lines may be cheaper than copper in some cases.

Talk with our team today at (651) 686-0515 or fill out our contact form to get ahead of the curve and find the best solution for your business.