BYOD & U: Stay Secure & Productive

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) sounds so simple. And it is – if you forget about security.

Post-COVID, your business likely has many employees working from home throughout the work week. And they may want to work from their own device rather than being stuck with a corporate-owned workstation or laptop. BYOD helps you retain and attract top talent while reducing operating expenses.

But, those personal devices also increase the risk of cyberattack. How can you realize the benefits of BYOD without cybersecurity headaches?

Let’s learn more about Cisco’s Identify Services Engine (ISE), provided by Sovran. To discuss options with our team, contact Sovran today at (651) 686-0515 or fill out our contact form.

What Can BYOD Security Do For You?

Make Employees Happier

  • Give them the flexibility to work with their own devices whenever and wherever they want.

Strengthen Security

  • Reduce the risk of personal devices introducing malware or losing sensitive data.

Save Time & Money

  • Decrease company expenditures, alleviate work delays, and lower operating costs.

Help Staff Get More Done

  • Improve collaboration and productivity with greater speed and efficiency.

Sovran’s Cisco ISE Makes BYOD Simple & Secure

Cisco ISE simplifies and secures BYOD so you can realize its full benefits. Secure BYOD is just one of several use cases that makes ISE a critical part of your cybersecurity program.

With Sovran and either Simple or Full BYOD you can:

  • quickly allow internet-only access for personal devices
  • enable simple password-based connection to specific wireless BYOD network
  • completely automate the BYOD process, from self-registration to automatic device configuration

With Cisco ISE and Sovran, you’ll gain all of the benefits of BYOD without the added cyber risks. If a threat does appear, ISE stops and contains the device through comprehensive network access control.

BYOD & U: Stay Secure & Productive

Traci Leffner sitting at her desk holding an orange pen

We hope you have a better understanding of the benefits of using Sovran and Cisco’s ISE for BYOD.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Sovran can help with BYOD, contact us today at (651) 686-0515 or fill out our contact form.