Remote IT Support: Save Time & Headaches

Without an in-house IT department – which can be prohibitively expensive – or an on-call IT partner, your business could be in trouble. Remote support with a local IT partner can bridge the gap, allowing you a familiar face and voice to handle your basic IT questions, and provide advice on how to approach larger issues.

Sovran is a Tier 1 Support provider for Microsoft 365, and a Microsoft Gold Partner. The Sovran team has a direct line to Microsoft, allowing premium access to new developments, or quick and expert support if an issue needs escalation. Microsoft sets several conditions and standards that its partners must meet in order to qualify as a Tier 1 support provider.

Learn the advantages of remote IT support for your business, from a Tier 1 Support provider and Microsoft Gold Partner.

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1. Cost Savings

An IT service provider like Sovran is an efficient way of handling your tech support. A single IT staff member costs a full salary, benefits, and management/HR costs. Meanwhile, an IT service provider can be paid a fraction of the cost and still get the job done. Your company or nonprofit can focus on what you do best, and your IT needs are still met.

2. Time Management

Whether you have a team of 5 or 50 at your company or nonprofit, time spent installing programs or dealing with software issues is time not spent on your main activities.

With dedicated remote IT support handling those issues as they arise, or before you even notice, you have time to focus on what matters. Dedicate your time to growing the business.

3. Uptime

IT systems can’t be ignored. Sovran offers 24/7/365 remote monitoring and maintenance. This allows us to always be on top of your system and get alerts when something goes wrong.

Some maintenance functions can be completed with remote IT support, and if something does need to be completed in-person an engineer can be sent to your location.

Your IT infrastructure is vital to your company or nonprofit’s success. For help with remote IT support, contact us today at (651) 686-0515 or fill out our contact form.