Making Cybersecurity A Priority

Across the nation, even the smallest businesses are finding that online threats such as cyber criminals and data brokers are a real, common threat. This makes infrastructure integrity something businesses need to know if they want to ensure their online safety. When you hear the phrase infrastructure integrity, it refers to the setup that you have which promotes safety and security; this setup includes firewalls, anti-virus software, and backups.

If your business hasn’t invested in a cybersecurity partner yet, you’re putting your sensitive data at risk. Here is how you can make cybersecurity a priority to keep your business safe from online threats.

Restrict and Control Access to Your Networks

One of the main reasons that online threats penetrate a business’s security system is because of unrestricted access and control of networks. Cybercriminals can take advantage of these poorly secured networks to steal personal data, and the average cost of even a single breach – thanks to ransomware and poor password usage – is around one million dollars.

The best way to avoid this is by making sure each employee has their own account and passwords for critical processes while refraining from sharing this information with anybody. Your company should also set up appropriate levels of access for employees so that junior employees can’t have access to more important financial records, client information, or trade secrets – this information should be strictly for senior employees.

Run Break-In Drills

Just like schools have fire and tornado drills, cybersecurity companies should be running mock break-in drills to keep companies on their toes. Your company should be engaging with cybersecurity partners for penetration testing, in which professionals will attempt to gain access to your networks – under supervision of course – to learn where weaknesses lie and provide appropriate training to mitigate risk.

Keep Your Applications and Software Updated

It’s important to keep software updated so that it effectively fights off new threats. If you fail to keep your operating systems and applications up-to-date, you’re running intense risks; it’s like leaving your home unlocked, and someone can break in at any moment. There are new methods of hacking being discovered every day and your systems need to be updated to fight new threats.

Making cybersecurity a priority is the best way to ensure your business’s online security.

Sovran Is Your Cybersecurity Partner

Sovran can support your cybersecurity efforts. We can monitor your systems and keep patches and antivirus software current. We can also manage regular break-in drills to test your vulnerability, and provide training after the fact. Contact us today at (651) 686-0515 or fill out our contact form!