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Secure Your Business in 2021

The beauty of a new year is that it’s a fresh start, so make a resolution to get your business IT more secure. This could be something as simple as embracing two-factor authentication instead of relying on password-only authentication. Password Updates At the very least encourage your employees to change their passwords regularly. Nearly everyone […]

You’re Never Too Small to Outsource

Small business owners are proud of getting everything done with few people. Every team member wears many hats. They are part of a family, devoted to the firm’s success. But that doesn’t make them qualified to handle IT. Really, you’re never too small to outsource your technology needs. A small business may only have a […]

COVID the Sequel: Revisit Business Continuity Plans

There’s a sequel no one had any interest in seeing open this fall – COVID: The Second Wave. Despite lack of interest, we are facing another coronavirus pandemic. For business, this means revisiting business continuity plans. Many states started to lift restrictions in an attempt to return to “normal” during the summer. Yet most experts […]