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3 Steps To Make Meetings Better

Business meetings can be a double-edged sword. Often they are as likely to rally staff and build momentum as they are to halt progress and kill productivity. Productive meetings are key to keeping team members on track and everyone on the same page. A poor meeting is as harmful to the progress of a project […]

Using Tech to Tailor Your Work Day

Most of us can admit that we have lost track of time during the workday on occasion.  Sometimes time can get away from you, particularly when you’re busy.  Often you can be running late before you know it and wondering where the day has gone. Luckily, there is a wide range of technology solutions to […]

How to Securely Dispose of Old Computers

Getting new computers for your business is exciting, but what happens to the old ones? Depending on the age, some people sell them, others throw them out. That’s the easy part. The problem is the sensitive data on them. There are passwords, account numbers, license keys, customer details, medical information, tax returns, browser history…. the […]

4 Common Compliance Issues You Might Be Missing

Information security is on every business’s radar these days. Data drives so much of what we do. Looking to contain the risks, many sectors have established IT compliance regulations. Whether meeting a standard or not, don’t overlook these common areas of concern. Governments and regulatory agencies have established compliance standards for the financial, legal, healthcare, […]

Why Managed Services Will Save You More Than Money

“Downtime costs money.” That’s no secret, but it doesn’t quite capture the whole experience…you arrive to work in the morning, grab your coffee knowing you’ve got a hectic day ahead, and are ready to dive in. For some reason your computer can’t access the database and neither can anyone else’s. You restart the server while […]

Sovran Earns Microsoft Azure Gold Cloud Platform Certification

Sovran has achieved Gold certification in Cloud Platform competency from Microsoft. This is the highest standard achievable for Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, which has become so necessary for daily business as work-from-home becomes more common. ​Sovran has been a local Microsoft Partner in the Twin Cities for nearly 30 years, and has been a proponent […]

Returning to Work: Prioritizing Safety with IT, Too

Your business has the OK to go ahead and get back to work on-site. You want to return to your office, but you don’t want to risk people’s health by doing so. After all, some say it’s too soon to go back. Plus, others predict a second wave of COVID-19 is likely. These suggestions can […]

Why SPAM Is A Small Business Nightmare

15 years after the world united to crack down on SPAM emails, we’re still struggling with overloaded inboxes. All that unwanted email continues to flood the internet, much of it targeted towards small businesses, and the impact goes wider than you might think. Here’s the full breakdown of how modern SPAM works and how it’s […]

Secure Your Business in 2021

The beauty of a new year is that it’s a fresh start, so make a resolution to get your business IT more secure. This could be something as simple as embracing two-factor authentication instead of relying on password-only authentication. Password Updates At the very least encourage your employees to change their passwords regularly. Nearly everyone […]

You’re Never Too Small to Outsource

Small business owners are proud of getting everything done with few people. Every team member wears many hats. They are part of a family, devoted to the firm’s success. But that doesn’t make them qualified to handle IT. Really, you’re never too small to outsource your technology needs. A small business may only have a […]