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5 Red Flags Of Phishing Emails: Think Before You Click

A single click can be the difference between maintaining data security and suffering massive financial losses. From the moment just one employee takes the bait in a phishing email, your business is vulnerable to data breaches and extensive downtime. Quickly spot the red flags and put phishing emails where they belong! Discuss securing your business […]

Could Your Backups Survive A Ransomware Attack?

More and more businesses and organizations are getting stung by ransomware demands. Hospitals, schools, social networks . . some days it seems like an epidemic that leaps around arbitrarily, and hackers are raking in millions. Tallied across the world . . . billions. Ransomware attacks are devious in their simplicity. A user in the target […]

10 Reasons To Upgrade To Microsoft 365 Today

With an upgrade to Microsoft 365, businesses are finally getting the changes they actually want! It’s still Office, and your staff will still know exactly how to use it, but they’ll get so much more done. 1. The Mac / Windows Drama Is Over Microsoft 365 brings with it a stack of benefits, but perhaps […]